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How to Broil Fish: Simple and Quick Recipe

Do you want to learn how to cook fish in under 15 minutes with crispy skin and steamed insides? In this video, we'll show you how to broil fish with a simple and quick recipe that is both delicious and healthy.

First, you'll need to marinate the fish in a mixture of honey, sesame oil, crushed garlic, Sriracha (to taste), and low-sodium soy, teriyaki sauce, or tamari sauce. This marinade will add a depth of flavor to the fish and help to keep it moist and tender during cooking.

Once the fish has marinated, it's time to broil it to perfection. This cooking method is a quick and easy way to get perfectly cooked fish with crispy skin and tender, flaky insides. Simply place the fish on a broiling pan and broil for a few minutes on each side until it's cooked through.

This recipe is perfect for busy weeknights or for when you're short on time but still want to enjoy a delicious and healthy meal. You can pair the fish with a side of steamed vegetables or a simple salad to complete the meal.

In summary, broiling fish is a simple and quick way to cook a healthy and flavorful meal. With this recipe, you can have perfectly cooked fish in just under 15 minutes.

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