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orangeWhat is NutrientChef?
NutrientChef is a privately owned company, located in Northern Virginia, that offers in-home nutrition counseling and cooking instruction.  Clients work one-on-one with Chef Michele Powers, R.D. to create a workable meal plan, discuss general nutrition principles, practice healthy cooking techniques and to prepare balanced meals. NutrientChef also offers personal cheffing, in-home cooking parties, and corporate seminars.

The focus of NutrientChef nutrition counseling is lifestyle changes. Michele will work to create a meal plan and to set small, incremental goals that will work for a lifetime. You will learn skills and recipes that will enable you to live a healthy and well-balanced life.

Our Mission
NutrientChef exists to provide personal, quality nutrition counseling and cooking instruction in an attempt to help clients work towards permanent, healthy lifestyle changes. To enable the client to plan and prepare healthful meals for themselves and their families and to leave them feeling confident and equipped to work towards specific health-related goals.

Michele Powers-Farber, R.D. was the recipient of the Emerging Dietetics Leader Awards for the state of Virginia for 2010